Vision and Mission



We intend to be a leading Institution in providing quality education and equal opportunities to heterogeneous student community from diverse backgrounds.



To offer holistic and interactive academic environment to the students from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to develop academic, interpersonal and technological skills and empower them to achieve their highest potential for adapting to the competitive global society.


Objectives and Goals

* To pursue knowledge through referencing research, innovative thinking, and multi disciplinary approach.
* To inculcate participation and work as a team while thinking independently and negotiating differential opinions.
* To enhance the communicative abilities, honing problem solving skills, facilitating creative thinking and training the mind to critique.
* To aim, aspire and live a life grounded in values.
* To employ the intellectual intent and moral fibre of our students to further their quest for universal values.
* To secure, advance and uphold the values privileged by the community and society at large.
* To foster the critical faculties through rigorous emphasis on ethics and rational temperament.
* To strengthen the intellectual, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social aptitudes, to be sensible and sensitive individuals capable of being aware and resisting exploitation.
* To ensure students make for responsive and responsible citizenry.