Online Feedback

Submission of Online Feedback

Student Feedback

Students are required to click on this link at the end of every semester for recording their feedback about the courses which they studied during the semester.

Alumni Feedback on Syllabus and its Transactions 2020-21

Those students who passsed out from our college during the academic year 2020-2021, are requested to provide the feedback about the syllabus and transactions performed by them during their course curriculum.

Teacher Evaluation of CBCS Curriculum of Goa University

All our teaching faculty are required to click on this link and provide their constructive suggestions/feedback about the CBCS Curriculum offered to students at the behest of Goa University.

Employer Feedback on Curriculum Enrichment 2020-21

This link provides an oppurtunity to industry enterprises and prospective employers of our students to share their experience and feedback to make our students industry ready.

Parent Feedback 2020-21

We consider, Parents of our students as a most important stakeholder. Feedback provided by parents is crucial for us in improving and fine tuning our entire academic setup.